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Bath University is one of England's youngest universities. Its history spans only 40 years, but it is highly regarded for its quality of education. Bath University received its Royal Charter from the Queen in 1966, but it traces its history more than 100 years before that. The Bristol Trade School was its predecessor, and it was established in 1856. Since then, the school had changed its name five times and had changed its academic aims as well. In 1960, it changed its name to the Bristol College of Science and Technology when it decided to focus on technical skills and vocational learning. This laid the groundwork for Bath University.

Bath has two campuses: the Claverton campus located in Claverton Down and the Oakfield campus located in Swindon. The university campus is structured like a town and is complete with restaurants, bars, a beauty salon, and a supermarket. However, its architecture is different from the city where it takes its name. In contrast to the Georgian and Gothic architecture that is popular the City of Bath is the university's functional and modern design. It is mostly made of glass, steel, and concrete. Pedestrian and motorist traffic are separate from each other. Cars and other vehicles move about on street level, while pedestrians and students traverse the walkway above the street's surface called the Parade. While critics claim that this design eliminates the charm of the traditional red-brick university, it is hard to argue with the functionality and safety of the structure.

Bath University has three academic faculties and two schools. The faculties are comprised of several academic departments, while the schools are comprised of programs and departments. The Division for Lifelong Learning works closely with these institutions to help mature students pursue or continue their higher education.

The faculties and schools of Bath University are:
  • Faculty of Engineering and Design
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Science
  • School of Management
  • School for Health

University Facilities

Students of Bath University have access to many different facilities like hostel kitchenettes, several cafés, the Sports Training Village, and the Library and Learning Centre. More than 650 study bedrooms are available at surrounding residences, while students in their second year often choose to stay off campus, in rented properties within the city itself. Information about student accommodation.

The Sports Training Village is a state-of-the-art facility built in 1992 and refurbished in 2003. Bath takes pride in its success in athletics, and it is home to TeamBath, the term used to refer to all of the university's sports teams. The Sports Training Village features eight indoor tennis courts; football and rugby fields; a 25-meter swimming pool; a multipurpose wooden court for basketball, volleyball or badminton; four separate fitness suites complete with gym equipment and staffed with training and sports medicine professionals; and an outdoor track. This facility is located in the Claverton campus.

The Library and Learning Centre is the heart of the Claverton campus. It is a huge library that operates all day and every day and allows night-owl students to study at any time. Competent research assistants and aides help students with their research queries.

Famous Students

Some of Bath University's famous alumni are Justin King (CEO of the supermarket chain Sainsbury's); Vedat Tavsanoglu (professor of Circuits and Communications History and a widely acknowledged electronic engineer); Neil Fox (radio DJ and TV personality); and Mansoor Hekmat (the Iranian Communist leader).

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Tel: +44 (0)1225 388388
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Bath University

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